Zhuhai Rui Hui Li Development Co. Ltd. is a company located in Zhuhai  hi tech Industrial Development Zone, the registered capital of 10 million new high-tech enterprises, the company based in Guangdong, look at the country, focus on automatic detection in nuclear radiation only domestic independent R & D and production enterprises. The company has a perfect radiation environment on-line monitoring instrument and software research and development and production capacity. At present, the worlds first set of on-line total radioactive (alpha / beta) automatic monitoring equipment for the worlds water quality is sold in Lanzhou, Gansu. In addition, there are still two invention patents and a new type of utility model which have already been approved and accepted for 2 new patent certificates. The technology team is also developing online monitoring of the pollution of water, gas and soil by artificial radionuclide cesium 137, cobalt 60 and strontium 90 generated by nuclear power production. At present, there are only one of the online monitoring R & D enterprises in this field in China.
Our goal is to be Chinas largest nuclear radiation monitoring equipment production enterprise, reflecting Chinas intellectual creation from the broad Rui Hui Li!!!
The company has good cooperative relations with many institutes, such as Anhui Institute of Optics and fine mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, nuclear energy safety technology research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China and Shanghai Fudan University. At the same time the company has a team of academician Liu Wenqing (Academy of Engineering), Dr. Zhao Nanjing, Huang Xuyun high technology and a number of senior engineer and senior technical personnel of the R & D team, formed across the analytical chemistry, environmental engineering, computer technology, automatic control technology, optoelectronic technology, precision machining technology and other disciplines cross the R & D strength.
Companies follow the "quality of life, technology development, market oriented, service for the purpose of" business philosophy. The future will always follow this idea and do the best!

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